Spiral no 1 black.png

Takis, as a genuine admirer of women, created the "Sculptures to wear" series in the late nineties, while his first magnetic jewelry was created in 1974. 

More than 150 exclusive Gold sculpture jewelry designs were created in partnership with the jewelry makers Dimitris Prisimintzis and Georgios Kevork of the company Spiral Perspective.

When the collection was launched in Athens the art community welcomed the "meteorites", the "Spirals", the "Bats", the "Oscillations", the "Parallel lines and the "Masks" jewelry. Many exhibitions followed at i.e.Christie's, Zoumbolakis Gallery and the press followed the project with numerous articles in the media


Now the jewelry makers are in the process of re-launching a limited edition of the timeless masterpieces Takis created.